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In order to simplify the procedures for registering for hikes, the cvh53 has created an online pre-registration service for you only for the stages of the Tour de la Mayenne.

Rules of operation and use of the service: You must pay the Treasurer an advance; this is your "hiking credit".

For example, with 15 Euros you will be safe for about 3 hikes.

Advantage: More money to manage during hikes; with a simple check-in, the Treasurer keeps your accounts up to date. Reminder: You can query your account balance online at any time.

1) Pre-registration: go to the club's website no later than Wednesday evening 8:00 p.m., choose your hike by clicking on registrant.jpeg, a pre-filled e-mail is generated.

All you have to do is click on "Send". Reminder: Your pre-registration will only be taken into account if your hiking credit is sufficiently provisioned and if you have respected the pre-registration deadline (Tuesday evening at the latest). 2)

Management: 4 days before the hike (Thursday), the registration manager summarizes all the pre-registrations collected and writes a letter that he sends to the organizing club. 3)

Participation: 10 minutes before the start of the hike, you must present yourself to the Treasurer (or his representative) so that he can give you your plate.

Reminder: If you do not respect this deadline (late), your plaque is returned to the organizers (at the registration table);

it's up to you to claim it (at your own risk and peril according to their goodwill because we can easily understand that they are too busy).

Your registration remains with the organizing club if, as a pre-registered person, you do not come for the hike (or let us know the day before at the latest).

The real advantages offered by this service (saving time, reduced price, simplicity, etc.)

Therefore require a minimum of rigour: - monitor the positive balance of his hiking loan; - pre-register on time (Wednesday EVENING AT THE LATEST)

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